Holding Court: Las Vegas GM Bedouin Talks Commitment

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 143, 2020

Holding Court: Las Vegas GM Bedouin Talks Commitment
By: Lesane Wainwright

Las Vegas, NV - One of the most decorated GM's in JBL is in hoops limbo, a successful run so far with the EW top team and defending champs Las Vegas Scorpion but at the same time the temptation to run with another team because of his contract situation. Has been fairly successful with the Scorpions organization, GM Andrew Taylor or better known in the JBL circles as Trader Bed or Bed, has drop hints on whether he'll sign that lucrative offer sheet that is waiting in his table once season ends.

I have the pleasure to talk to the guy when they were in LA for the conference finals trip of Las Vegas where they are at this press time is tied 1-1. The always savvy GM agrees to have a little chat with me to address his contract situation when we were at the visitor's lounge when his team arrived this morning. I quickly fired him 3 questions to further "shutdown" the claims of a possible Bedouin departure.

"Your contract will expire after this season, there are talks that you'd leave Las Vegas and take a job elsewhere, is there any truth to this?" I asked as he was about to light his cigarrete. He smiled as if hinting that he is annoyed to the question being repeatedly asked to him.

"As I have stated repeatedly and emphatically I am 100% committed to the Las Vegas Scorpions as we attempt to defend our championship. Anything else is simply mindless speculation, fake news if you will. Whilst I'm disappointed by our Game 1 performance I'm confident in our team's' ability to rebound and regain control of the series. The Fireballs can't shoot that well from 3 every game." GM Bed answers after puffing one hit from his cigarrete.

I put my head down and smiled a little, he knows I don't buy into his answers. He raised his eyebrows with a half-smile as if letting me know he knows what I mean.

" Does a more lucrative contract in an expansion team entice you more or a more stable team that just needs a minor tweak like Austin or the recently vacant job in New York can recruit a Bedouin into their stables, then there's a young team with full of potential like the kings who could need a Bedouin to reshape a franchise?" I added as a follow up question.

"Whilst I am out of contract at the conclusion of the season I think everyone needs to understand that the relationship I have with the Scorpions ownership is a positive one that has been hugely beneficial to both parties. The organization took a chance on me after I had left the Tritons in a less than professional manner and in turn I feel I've repaid that faith by delivering a long awaited championship...
more coming" he paused for a second and as I was about to ask another question he reached out his hand as if signaling he isn't finished yet while finishing his shot of whiskey.

He then added "So I fully anticipate that we'll sit down at the end of the season and work out a new deal that is commiserate with the outcomes that I've delivered during my 4 years here. But to play along ever so slightly I'd be far more intrigued by the challenge posed with building a new organization from the ground up. And if nothing else I doubt very much Renegades ownership would consider me unless they want their fans to raze the city to the ground." Dropping another bomb of hinting that we might see him east coast by next season.

I know by this time, I already have the answers to my questions. There is a strong possibility that he will leave, with or without a 2nd championship ring. I finished the interview with a safe question to sort of supress the fire, so to speak.

"If ever Las Vegas goes upfront and offer you a better contract that the others, what are the potential moves you are considering, are we looking at a "Everything Must-Go" scenario in Vegas or are we on just a "Wait-and-See" type?"

He looked at me and his facial reaction changed in a more professional manner, the kind of face you make when you have to answer quick and be on your merry way. "As I said I'm 100% committed to the Scorpions and I don't anticipate being anywhere else in 2021. So of course I've given some thought to the off-season ahead of us. But right now we're still alive and kicking with a strong chance of returning to the finals. If we get there anything could happen. In broad terms I'm very happy that we've signed Omar Grant to an extension and locked in our core moving forwards. I don't see us making dramatic changes but ultimately I'll assess our roster at the conclusion of this season and work from there," he said.

His eyes is set, believing the words that is coming out of his mouth, but you can tell that the stress of this season is getting heavy and you know his heart wants other things. The temptation of the league expansion is too high to not even look at the offers that is sent to you. He keeps on checking his phone as it keeps on ringing and you can hear his messenger is going on and off and as always you see a smooth Bed ignoring it. He had a playful championship season with former New York Renegades GM Jeff, will their continouse jab at each other ends with Bed in upper eastside of Manhattan? That would be huge pun, if it happens. As of this writing GM Jeff have announced his intentions to be Dallas Predators' GM. As for Trader Bed, we know he isn't satisfied by the way his season is ging and knowing him, he wants to make moves and what a perfect time to do it on an expansion team? I guess this offseason will be the busiest offseason of JBL so far.