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Shock and Hawes: Kansas City runs past Vultures, 134-130
  • Day 173, 2023

The Knights' youthful energy, and their esteemed MVP, erased a nineteen-point halftime deficit, and took an improbable Game 1 in Phoenix.

2023 JBL Schedule: Which games were lost due to the schedule?
  • Day 168, 2023

The theory that the schedule was stacked to lose certain games due to fatigue and travel is tested in this article by Tritons GM Reggie Cross.

Houston finishes the season on a down note, pack up their little black backpacks
  • Day 169, 2023

Tough finish to the schedule sees the Lightning Crashes

The L drop 3 more L's
  • Day 165, 2023

Houston is holding onto the 9th spot in the lottery

Houston drops 3 more games.
  • Day 161, 2023

Campaign is back on track to improve draft position as we play 2 good teams, one awful team. Houston also loses a rookie for the remainder of the season.

Drones Dime (Vol 1.7)
  • Day 153, 2023

Houston goes back to their losing ways
  • Day 153, 2023

0-2 sim leaves fans angry, management pleased enough

Houston Ends losing streak, falls in draft lottery
  • Day 149, 2023

Houston wins on the short term, loses long term by adding wins

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